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About me

In between elected gigs, PA (Pittsburgh Metropolitan Service Area), Entrepreneur, self-avowed libertarian/ conservative, Boy Scout Volunteer, DoD raised nomad (Army) 3rd Culture Kid.


The views expressed here are not official views of Kermit the Frog, Fire Marshall Bill, Cartman, Dr. Lieghtman, the Republican Party, the Municipality of Monroeville, BSA, Libertarian Party, Conservative Party, libertarians in general, or what we currently call conservatives. Nor are these the views of many of whom I am a fan including my business colleagues, Edmund Burke, Thorsten Veblen, David Ricardo, Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman, Declan McManus or anyone else but me.

These writings are for the use of those I serve in an elected capacity and anyone else who cares to give me 15 minutes of their time, something for which I am grateful. You may share them, how much weight they carry remains to be seen.

May G-d help me to keep them coherent, insightful, and relevant. Any inconsistencies, unintelligible ramblings or errors are strictly mine.


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