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Where’s the TV Camera Operator?

8 November 2016

Courtesy of Shutterstock – by Montri Nipitvittaya

Walls, fences,  barriers, moats, ramparts, fortifications, and silos are built to separate those on one side from those on the other side. Largely, except for ancient ones that we like to ogle like the Great Wall of China, or Hadrian’s Wall, or the Wailing Wall, or castles and forts from long ago are simply and notoriously hideous, and that’s before graffiti expletives are painted on.


We build them in our lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Many of them need to be eliminated.  I’m not sure if this revolutionary. I am not sure it will be televised. It likely doesn’t need to be. It is simply a way of life I believe is uplifting.

When we moved into our current home we had two fences. One that was half leaning into the woods behind our house. The other separated the backyard of our neighbor from our backyard. I couldn’t see the woods, the woods deer and turkeys were hidden, and I couldn’t play catch with my neighbor. Fences become infrastructure that needs to be maintained. Repairs are inevitable. Natural backyards provide wonderful vistas and friendship.

Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.

You know you have them. We all do. Barriers to reaching others. Ramparts that hide our hearts. Ways of stopping the potential for injury, theft, hurt, and of helping others, too. I am sure you know what I am talking about. You wanted a date, and didn’t get one, so a stake was placed to set a line to stop further susceptibility. You lost someone through space and time, or death. Avoiding further relationships ends more pain. Or maybe, just maybe, you prayed without understanding what or how to, receiving no result. Stop Seeking and never be deceived again. It doesn’t work.

Have you ever noticed that well traveled cities are much more prosperous and energized than remote villages? This is true globally. We know the names of trade route cities because things happen there. We use terms like bohemian, urbane, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, and worldly when describing people or cities of special positive characteristics.

What these all have in common is openness. Open to strangers. Open to outsiders. Open to new ideas. Open to exploring. While a zombie apocalypse may need to be fought, no siege engines will strangle this openness. The power to shape and grow exists in here.

Whether you find yourself inside an emotional or spiritual wall. [Insert Your Name] tear down this wall.

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