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HL’s Glorious Day

6 November 2016

lincolnThere are plenty of prognostications at this point. I made mine three years ago before we even knew who was running. Every one of us has an opinion. Every one I talk to regardless of voting choice, has a fear. But frankly, it is not the worst it has ever been. In recent years our Secretary of the Treasury hasn’t been shot dead in a duel with the sitting Veep. (See Hamilton-Burr) In reality, while it is messy, messy, messy, it is nowhere close to the worst it has ever been. For all the bravado and bluster, it is highly unlikely that any states will succeed in an effort to repeat the effort that failed seven score and twelve years ago  (152 years).

I’ve not been secret about my positions regarding the upcoming presidential election. Social media is where we openly have what used to be dinner discussions.  I have no idea if any of my postings have ever made anyone think. I really don’t. I’ve had plenty of debates and posited arguments to everyone but the Greens, socialists, and communists. Yes, I’ve debated with progressives, pluralists, moderates, libertarians. I know people of every stripe, and I happen to like people of every stripe. I just happen to disagree with people on constitutional issues, economic issues, and the relevance of a religious framework as the country’s founding or for its current running. Has anyone changed their mind or considered my arguments in their process of changing their mind? Does it matter? Not now.

Debate Later, Unify Now

E Pluribus Unum. From many one. Largely secularists in public administration, this was founders’ USA motto. Now is the time to take all these differences and as a people come together and love one another. The rule of the secular law that is this country’s Constitution needs to stand while we see a peaceful 45th transition from one Constitutional President to the next. We can disagree by simply disagreeing. Atheists, agnostics, deists, or anyone easily offended – fair warning – stop here, or be of an open mind.

Pray, Intercede, & Offer Thanksgiving

In the Christian Leadership Epistle 1 Timothy chapter 2

1 I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;
2 For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

I’m a Christian. I seek to live my life the way Christ said, and to live in the freedom of Christ-like discipleship that the book of Acts and the rest of the New Testament reveal. I’ve read, but not studied many religions, I can’t tell you what they all say, though I suspect broad support for “all those that are in authority”. Besides, which of us don’t want quiet and peaceable lives?

If you’ve read this far, that is my encouragement.

For Christians this is the Will of God as revealed through Paul to us. Those that are in authority need us – locally, statewide, and federally. For those not Christian, choose your own meaning as appropriate. Regardless support them too, even if my favorite atheist, H.L. is right and we have a glorious day this time.

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