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Strengthen Cooperative Benefits

2 November 2016

United States Treasury Public Domain From Wikipedia

Seven billion people. We will develop close ties with maybe a few hundred. We will associate with maybe a few thousand. That’s over a 60 – 120 year span. Rounding error on rounding error. These people we encounter, and these people we trust, these people we love shape who we are. We shape who they are. Can we change who we are by changing how we connect?

It’s inevitable. If you mix some seeds, say, corn, beans, and squash something amazing happens. They grow together better than they grow apart! You’ve heard of this. You may know it is good for a certain type of farming. Let me tell you, it is great for all types of living.

Sir Branson suggests that we travel to change our scenery to aid us in changing our thoughts. Quite right Emanuel Kant would agree. But it isn’t the scenery. It’s the people.

When attending the PITT Worldwide EMBA program, we had a series of classes that occurred in Prague, and in São Paulo. Four of us arrived early in Brasil. We were warned emphatically that we needed to stay on the hotel compound. We were cautioned even more emphatically don’t go to the favelas (sp) or villages. We went. We were welcomed warmly. Sure we stood out, and we didn’t speak the language, and maybe we were marks. So what. We went.

It is interaction with “other” that helps us grow stronger.

One of the things that is important, aside from us dispelling that everything was danger there, is that all the travelers changed. We all learned and expanded our understanding of people around us. This was true regardless of the country we originated from. Treatment of time is different. Treatment of each other is different. Interactions changed, and we all grew. We need to understand we are all on this planet together, and there is not one thing we can take with us, but we can leave a difference by loving those outside our 200 likely cohort.

Interact with the corn and squash if you are a bean. Live outside of being just with the few you know who are like you. Find the “other” and learn from them. Do it in your business,  on your street or complex, anywhere else you spend time. Better yet, travel elsewhere. Elsewhere can be a “dangerous” neighborhood, a mosque, temple, or church, or even another country. Meet people build relationships and learn that there is more out there than meets the eye.

We have to do this for peace, for love, for each other. Aren’t those all things you want in your life?

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