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31 October 2016

I can’t complain about my life by any stretch of the imagination (though sometimes I do), I’ve been able to live a life that has allowed me to help many people, raise great kids and be married to a beautiful wife, and have a career that has stretched me to become a divisional vice president of a 2.4B USD company, be a serial entrepreneur (both successful and not), and even get appointed to a government post.

But when I consider one of the things I am currently both the most proud of and most humbled by, at least professionally, is to have served as an elected local official. Keep in mind in this role, I’ve been accosted, yelled at, threatened with harm, and even sued, all for doing my job.

Imagine running for office, or for anything, and being part of the outs. The GOP hadn’t really supported any candidate in recently when I ran in 2009. In fact, the elected GOP members simply were Rs whose ties to the Ds were deep enough that the Democratic Party supported them! Now how’s that for a fine how do you do? Strange things happen in local politics.

I come along, I’m not originally from the area, though I had lived in the area for several years, and we had made it a home. We had been active in the life of the community through the swimming pools, the schools, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts, and the church we attend. I even spent four or five years (I think I filled an unexpired vacant term) on the municipality’s planning commission.

Once while I was a commissioner, almost as a set up, a question was raised, “has anyone had a meal, or drinks with the developer?” I raised my hand, to the dismay of the developer, another person who didn’t step up, and even the person who asked. But I think it set me apart in the minds of anyone present, watching live on TV, or the recording of the broadcast. It defined my character.

Like most people, I fail at this more than I should, but I keep as a general rule not to worry too much about what others think or to tell lies to cover my actions. I learned early on in life, lies linger a long time. They are hard to remember, and bad things happen whenever they are involved, beyond basic compliments.

Nonetheless, I ran for office. I did get supportnanowrimo_2016_webbadge_participant from the collapsed GOP, who
insisted that I get signs; I walked to almost every door in my district, and won! The party has become energized including more involvement from the committee. It may not happen, but I still want to run for a state or federal role.

For now, what’s the follow up to that crazy idea, run for office? Instead of spending my November politicking, I’m writing a novel through

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