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If It Were Only So Easy

29 October 2016

When was the first time you realized that giving of yourself meant more to you than others? Reflect on this; it is the heart of the matter when it comes to getting anything accomplished.

The thing is we need to give in order to release our hold on one thing and accept another. have you ever tried to hold a basket ball in one hand? That’s my point, it takes two, to do so effectively, and it leaves room for nothing else. Releasing the ball enables the freeing of hands which can than be given something or somethings to fill the them.

Every year our church has an Italian buffet. I make twenty 16″ and 18″ pies, and another thirty or more personal 4″ pies. I have a blast. I receive compliments on this for weeks, every year. But it isn’t the compliments, it’s the serving that gets to the heart of it for me.

I contribute in the community, and have found that my ability to set a strategic direction and execute on planning leads people to elect me as chair, or put me on executive committees. One of the funnest and most exhilarating, non-business, public service times that I had was co-chairing an outdoor dining committee and crafting the law that we adopted.

The exchange of ideas to me is important. Solving a problem that affects people in multiple ways to me is important. I love mentoring, teaching, championing a direction, shaping events, speaking to audiences, and looking for new ways to improve myself and others. and otherwise hurtling through the air at 32ft/sec2 and wondering if the parachute will open, by being entirely involved in life’s events, is the ultimate thrill.

Here’s the thing. Sometimes, just sometimes, we find that our lives aren’t that dive, or that the landing site was 100 miles to the East of where we jumped. It’s okay. Get up and do it again, as Van Morrison would say. Keep giving. Keep striving for more, and life will always reward the curious, the dreamers, the adventurers who chose to move forward, or to take an obvious shortcut, that turns out to cross a field of diamonds that previously was unknown.

Look I’ve been sued, I’ve been yelled at, I’ve been threatened. Even with death. Some of it isn’t fun. Some of it makes Nietzsche smile it becomes so tough. But typically, we don’t die. Ultimately, we all, at least for now, are gurneyed into cold storage. In the meantime, facing life with every possible aspect of ourselves makes us stronger.

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